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  • 150 vegetarian capsules
Bone Renewal ™ Is So Much More Than a Simple Calcium Supplement!

Bone Renewal


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Product Description

150 vegetarian capsules

Bone Renewal  Is So Much More Than a Simple Calcium Supplement!

In order for your bones to be healthy, strong and vital throughout your life, they require so much more than run-of-the-mill calcium. This is why our Bone Renewalformula not only includes the highest quality plant-based calcium, but it combines three classes of highly researched, bio-organic ingredients. These ingredients provide a comprehensive, holistic solution for maintaining healthy bones and mineral storehousing for the many organs and systems that bones support.

Each of our 13 nutrients is hand-selected from sustainable, water and land-based sources to magnificently capture nature’s inherent nourishment, energy, and restorative powers. Our formula for Bone Renewal includes the optimum amount of each ingredient as established through clinical research. We never skimp on the serving size or quality needed for genuine, healthy bone support.

Bone Renewal

Bone Renewal
Bone Renewal

Calcium and magnesium are the two core minerals everyone’s bones require for healthy regeneration. They provide a foundational level of support for our skeletal system – much like masonry and mortar provide an enduring backbone for a strong building. Bone Renewal’s Bio-Organic Core Minerals have been carefully cultivated and chosen for their purity, bio-availability, effectiveness and safety - and they are provided in a perfect 2:1 ratio which has been shown by science to optimize their capability to support bone health.

Plant-Based Bio-Organic Calcium

Calcium plays a huge role in maintaining our health! It regulates our heartbeat, fuels our nervous system, and supports our ligaments, tendons and skin. As well, our teeth and bones are mostly comprised of calcium. Given the vitally important role calcium plays, its essential that we supplement our bodies with the very best calcium available. Our Bone Renewal formula does just that - it combines two high quality and bioavailable natural forms of calcium: one from the sea -- Icelandic Red Algae -- and one from the land --Japanese White Sesame Seeds.

Red Algae

Sustainably Harvested Icelandic Red Algae
This highly nutritious and beautiful red sea vegetable absorbs pure calcium, magnesium and 74 valuable trace minerals and phytonutrients from the pure, icy waters of Iceland. Sustainably harvested at the end of its natural growth cycle when it is literally saturated with organic, plant-bound minerals, it's fully certified by the European Organic Trust Program. In fact, our unique red algae contains an amazing 33% calcium by weight!




Sesame Seeds

Japanese White Sesame Seeds
Cultivated for centuries in Japan, our heirloom seeds contain nature’s perfect mineral profile - a natural blend of calcium, magnesium and trace minerals that is essential for healthy joints, bones, heart and immune system. Our sesame seeds are prepared using a natural and traditional fermentation process that further enhances the bioavailability of the calcium and other naturally occurring nutrients.




Bio-Organic Magnesium

Magnesium, just like calcium, is not only essential for optimal bone health, but is also required for over 300 bodily processes! It protects bone density and heart health by directing calcium to the bones and away from blood and tissues where it could cause hardening of the arteries. Bone Renewal provides three 100% natural sources of magnesium:

Dead Sea Concentrate
Dead Sea Concentrate

Since ancient times, people have sought out the Dead Sea for its profound, health-giving properties. The “secret” to its healing powers resides in the minerals found exclusively in its waters. In fact, 12 of the minerals found in the Dead Sea cannot be found in any other place on earth. From this most ancient and mineral-rich body of water on our planet, we sustainably filter and concentrate our Bio-Organic magnesium – the highest quality magnesium there is.



Brown Rice Chelated Dead Sea Concentrate

Brown Rice Chelated Dead Sea Concentrate
To further enhance the absorption of our naturally occurring magnesium, a portion of our Dead Sea Bio-Organic magnesium is bonded or “chelated” with brown rice proteins. This extra-special process is one more way that we insure the bioavailability of our formula.





Sustainably Harvested Icelandic Red Algae

Sustainably Harvested Icelandic Red Algae
This unique species of red algae not only provides one of the richest sources of pure, bioavailable calcium, it also offers a naturally rich, plant-bound source of Bio-Organic magnesium, along with a full array of other valuable phytonutrients and trace minerals.





Whole Food Vitamins

Bone Renewal includes three vitamins that research has shown to be essential for your healthy bone support.

Organically Grown Vitamin DOrganically Grown Vitamin D

Scarcely a week goes by without the release of another study showing the far-reaching health benefits of vitamin D3. One of vitamin D3’s most crucial health roles is bone health, where it regulates calcium/magnesium concentrations and guides calcium directly to the bones. Without sufficient vitamin D3, our bones simply cannot be healthy and strong. Although our body manufactures D3 from sunlight exposure and from our diet, today’s overwhelming research shows that we no longer get enough D3 from these sources, making supplementation of D3 essential. Synergy’s Certified Organic D3 is the purest, most potent form available.



Organically Grown Vitamin K1 and Natto-based Vitamin K2

Organically Grown Vitamin K1 and Natto-based Vitamin K2
Recent scientific studies confirm that each unique form of vitamin K is critical to bone health. The K vitamins bind the calcium and phosphorous to our bones and assist in the production of a unique protein that calcium utilizes to crystallize and form new bone. Bone Renewal’s K1 is organically grown for purity and safety and our K2 vitamin is exclusively grown for us in Japan, where it is derived from Natto, a traditional, fermented food used for centuries to promote good health.

Bone Renewal
Bone Renewal

While The Bio-Organic Core Minerals and Vitamins provide foundational building blocks for bone health, there are other key nutrients, the Bio-Organic Co-Factors, that are also equally essential to the natural process of maintaining bone health and the vital, life-long process of bone regeneration.

Bio-Organic Silica

Bio-Organic Silica
Studies show that supplementing with ample amounts of 100% natural silica improves bone health and further enhances the benefits of calcium and vitamin D utilization in the body. A pure and natural silica supplement helps ensure proper bone density by maintaining the balance between bone resorption and bone formation - the two key processes of normal bone remodeling. Bone Renewal’s 100% plant-based silica is hand collected and naturally extracted from the sap of a very unique species of bamboo grasses.


Phytase Enzyme

Phytase Enzyme
Enzymes are tiny but powerful “activators” that play a critical role in the complex chemistry of human health.Bone Renewal’s plant-derived phytase enzyme is added to the formula to ensure the breakdown of naturally occurring phytic acid, an acid found in many of the foods we eat. This acid can inhibit absorption of core minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Our phytase enzymes are specially grown and approved for use in certified organic foods.


Plant-based Strontium and VanadiumPlant-based Strontium and Vanadium

Research shows that supplementing with small, safe amounts of strontium (5mg) and trace amounts of vanadium can help support healthy bone formation, bone strength, the mineralization of bones, and even decrease the risk of bone fractures. Balance and safety are topmost concerns at The Synergy Company, which is why we never use chemically derived strontium salt isolates in high dosages. Bone Renewal’s strontium and vanadium comes from our sustainably harvested Icelandic Red Algae, where it is naturally buffered and bonded with magnesium and trace minerals – nature’s way of delivering safe and balanced nutrition.

Bio-Organic Boron Blend

Bio-Organic Boron Blend
Boron is proven to be essential to the maintenance of healthy bones and joints. This trace mineral promotes bone growth, guards vitamin D levels, plays an indispensible role in calcium metabolism, and helps to prevent bone abnormalities. Bone Renewal includes two forms of boron – our organically grown boron and a natural boron that is chelated with brown rice protein to ensure its optimal absorption and utilization in the body.

Bone Renewal
Bone Renewal

These rare and treasured Bio-Organic Synergizers are botanical extracts that have never before been offered to consumers in a formula of such purity and potency. Highly researched yet never offered in a comprehensive formula, these extraordinary extracts are the “missing links” that enable a whole new level of bone health and bone renewal. Bone Renewal’s formula of these vital botanicalSynergizers meets the same demanding specifications and amounts found in research studies. In this way, we can ensure that you and your bones will fully access the profound health benefits they have to offer.

Over ten years of research by Mitchell May led to the discovery that when all four of these botanicals are combined with the essential Bio-Organic core minerals and co-factors – a compounding of benefits is possible. In simple terms – a “pure synergy” of bone renewal was achieved! Bone Renewal is a true reflection of Mitchell’s uncompromising commitment to create the most all-encompassing, preventative and regenerative bone health supplement possible.

Wild-Harvested Cissus Synergized ExtractWild-Harvested Cissus Synergized Extract

Cissus is an ancient herbal remedy used for over 2,000 years in Africa and in Aryuvedic Indian medicine. Its traditional nickname is “bone-knitter” – and we believe that it’s very well named! Scientific research of Cissus extract indicates it possesses influential support for bone generation, bone health, and bone strengthening capabilities. In clinical research with humans it revealed its gift in promoting optimal levels of bone mineral density and calcium uptake into the bones, as well as containing many antioxidants that also assist in maintaining healthy bones and overall health. Our Cissus is hand-gathered and sustainably wild-harvested just for Synergy. It is extracted with absolutely no solvents or additives and we’ve included the full amount of Cissus extract proven to be safe and effective in the scientific studies.

Wild-Harvested Japanese Sargassum Algae Synergized ExtractWild-Harvested Japanese Sargassum Algae SynergizedExtract

This truly is the crown jewel in Bone Renewal. Based on several decades of Japanese scientific and medical research, this rare and valuable seaweed extract has shown a matchless capacity to support the natural bone renewal and regeneration processes. This pure extract has been made available solely to The Synergy Company as a result of the deep relationships Mitchell has developed in Japan as a researcher, teacher and healer. In fact, Synergy is the first and only company outside of Japan to be granted use of the authentic Sargassum Algae Extract, which is made exclusively by a Japanese research firm. The Bone Renewal formula includes the complete amount as identified by the scientific studies.

Organic Cold-Water-Grown Wasabi Rhizome/Leaf ConcentrateOrganic Cold-Water-Grown Wasabi Rhizome/Leaf Concentrate

Our wasabi is a wondrous and unique health promoting vegetable. Numerous studies have demonstrated that Wasabi contains an unprecedented concentration of some of the most powerful natural compounds to promote detoxification, protect immunity, and promote healthy enzyme activation. These same studies have found that Wasabi also positively influences bone health and accelerates many bone-building functions. Genuine wasabi is indigenous to cool mountain streams of the remote northern islands of Japan. It takes 18 months for our sustainably harvested, organically grown wasabi to mature. After harvest, the plants are freeze-dried to retain the highest concentrations of their active bone supporting properties.

Wild-Harvested Tabasheer Synergized Extract (Natural Bamboo Silica)Wild-Harvested Tabasheer Synergized Extract (Natural Bamboo Silica)

Tabasheer, the world’s richest plant source of genuine natural silica, comes from the beautiful pearl colored sap of bamboo plants. Our bodies need silica to produce collagen, which keeps our bones, ligaments, cartilage and tendons supple, and our joints flexible. Tabasheer bamboo silica has been used for centuries by cultures around the world to help maintain healthy bones, hair, skin, teeth, and nails. It is also known to enhance the function of calcium, magnesium, boron and other minerals that are essential for bone development and health. Bone Renewal uses a sustainable and wild-gathered bamboo Tabasheer, which we filter to ensure its purity and support for your bone health.

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    Posted by on 13th Nov 2014

    I have been extremely impressed with your company from placing the order
    through it's arrival in my home. I have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis - - the beginning stages. I have chosen to tackle this with natural products. I refuse to use chemicals. I feel the Lord is leading me; therefore, I have complete trust in choosing this direction.

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